Jon Fried Tennis & Education Academy


To provide low-income and disabled children with a safe environment that nurtures life changing opportunities to help them learn, grow, and build the skills they need to set goals and work towards their dreams. To deliver a nonprofit youth-development organization that provide free or lowcost tennis, education and life-skills program to indigent youth.


To create an “after school” day camps during the summer and school breaks program in a safe and secure environment staffed with qualified sports coaches, teachers, mentors and volunteers to empower young people to excel and be future champions.
To instill the values of integrity, perseverance, self-esteem and hard work. A program focused on youth competing regularly with a winning mindset.


The Jon Fried Tennis and Education Academy (JFTEA) is a stand-alone program under the auspices of the Massad YMCA to take tennis into the heart of urban and disadvantaged communities in the Fredericksburg Region of Virginia. We will be opening up tennis to youth who may not otherwise have had the chance to play, deliver educational programming, provide a safe and supportive community and impact youth in this lower social economic community.

The Y has partnered with a local charity ServiceLine Charities working with at risk children in the community providing tennis clinics to kids from 5-16 from various ethnicities. JFTEA will use tennis as the primary motivator, to deliver education, life-skills, nutrition and fitness curriculum and provide the opportunity for leadership development to our target audiences: youth at risk and youth with disabilities.

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