Rate Freeze Program FAQs

How can I have my membership rate frozen?

· To participate in the rate freeze program, set up a minimum monthly gift of $10 or more. · You can join by stopping at the front desk of any branch or visiting family-ymca.org/support-the-y/donate, or calling the Philanthropy Office at (540) 371-9622.

Who is eligible to participate in the membership freeze?

· Members not on financial assistance may set up a recurring donation of $10 or more per month to freeze their membership rate.

· Members on financial assistance who want to participate need to be approved by the Executive Director of their home branch.

· Members receiving a corporate discount are not eligible for the rate freeze.

· Staff members receiving a discount are not eligible to participate.

Can I pay by check?

· At this time, the program only accepts monthly credit card charges or ACH drafts. You can use the online system to draft directly from your checking account if you would prefer.

Will membership rates increase in 2022?

· Rates for 2022 are still being determined.

How long will this promotion last?

· This promotion is ongoing.

What happens if my card declines?

· We will make every effort to reach out to correct the issue. The issue must be resolved within 30-days of the original declined charge to continue the program. To update your credit card information, you can call the Philanthropy Office at (540) 371-9622.

How long will my membership rate be frozen?

· The rate will be frozen for as long as you participate in the program. However, if you place your membership on hold (even for vacation), the membership freeze on your rate will be lifted.

What happens if I terminate my membership?

· You can opt to continue your donation, or you may cancel it with your membership. If you opt to cancel it with your membership, you must inform the staff at that time.

What happens if I need to update/change my credit card number?

· Please call the Philanthropy Office at (540) 371-9622, and we will be happy to update your credit card information.

What happens if I want to discontinue participating in the program?

· You may discontinue your participation in our membership freeze at any time. Upon terminating the program, your membership rate will be eligible for a rate increase immediately.

Can you charge my credit card on file that you use for membership?

· We cannot automatically charge the card on file for membership for this program. You will need to reenter the credit card online. However, our system includes more options to pay, including Apple Pay and Click to Pay (for Visa, MasterCard, and AmEx wallet), which are Digital Wallets and are more secure for processing credit card donations.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

· Yes, you will receive an email receipt for your initial donation. You will also receive one consolidated tax receipt postmarked by January 31 for the year before listing all donations.

Can I direct my donation to a specific program?

· You can direct your donation to any of the following six impact programs: Bright Beginnings, 2nd Grade Learn to Swim (not available at Massad), Power Scholars Academy (not available in Caroline), Open Doors, Special Needs, or the Jon Fried Tennis & Education Academy.

Your impact on a monthly basis:

Suggested Donation Amount Per Month Annual Total Impact
$10 $120 Help 4 children participate in a youth sports program.
$12.50 $150 Sponsor 1 child for Bright Beginnings
$15 $180 Provide support to 3 adults with special needs to participate in our Adult Egg Hunt, Holiday Lunch Socials, and Special Needs Dance.
$20 $240 Provide 6 weeks of swim lessons for 3 students.
$33.34 $400.08 Provide a family-in-need with a six-month membership.
$50 $600 Sponsor 4 children for Bright Beginnings.
$62.50 $750 Provide a child the opportunity to participate in the Jon Fried Tennis & Education Academy.
$66.70 $800.40 Sponsor 1 child for the Annual Power Scholars Academy.
$83.34 $1000.08 Help us to sustain the Open Doors Scholarship Program.
$100 $1200 Provide 3 families-in-need with a six-month membership.
$125 $1500 Sponsor 2 children in the Jon Fried Tennis & Education Academy.