The STRONG Challenge

30 days. 100,000 teammates. 150 minutes each week.

Join us for a FREE 30-day challenge to help you strengthen your physical, mental, and spiritual health through activities that build healthy habits. Participants will receive 4 text messages each week with challenges, recipes, fun content, and ways to get STRONG! The STRONG challenge begins October 18th!

Text STRONG2 to 86677 to join the challenge!

Challenge Features:

  • Weekly workout plan
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Live & On-Demand Virtual Workouts
  • Weekly YMCA Guest Pass
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Supportive Community

Facebook Groups:

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StrongLives Small Groups:

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Click here for all of our week one activities, tips, recipes and more! Start by moving 150 minutes each week!


Click here for all of our week two activities, tips, recipes and more! This week we are working on practicing a positive mindset about ourselves and our future. 


Click here for all of our week three activities, tips, recipes and more! This week we will work on trusting in yourself, your community, the skills you’ve gained so far, and celebrating the small wins— we can move forward together to accomplish new goals.