New Peloton Bikes in all Branch Wellness Centers

Published On: January 20, 2023Categories: News

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Peloton stationary bikes in all of our branch wellness centers! Peloton has partnered with YMCAs as a fitness club exclusive.

The YMCA pays for the monthly subscription and members can take advantage of a full suite of Peloton classes while visiting our facilities.
Here are some helpful tips as you get started using the bikes:
  • You can create your own free account. Please click your preferred language choice, then chose the red button that says I am new to Peloton. It asks some basic info to start your free account. Then you will have limitless classes to choice from.
  • Headphones are required when using the Peloton, as not all of the music played in the classes will be appropriate in the YMCA.
  • Please ask a wellness attendant if you need the weights that come with the bike for a class you take.