Walk With Ease

Walk With Ease is an evidence-based program that has been proven to help people with arthritis or other related conditions reduce pain, increase balance, strength and walking pace, and improve overall health. The program will help motivate you to get in great shape and allow you to walk safely and comfortably.

About the Program:

The program runs for six weeks. Participants are encouraged to walk three times a week. Each session includes a pre-walk discussion covering a specified topic related to exercise and arthritis, followed by a 10- to 40-minute walk that includes a warm-up and a cool-down.


Walk With Ease-self-directed aims to:

  • Improve balance and strength.
  • Improve arthritis symptoms.
  • Increase strength.
  • Increase walking pace.
  • Improve confidence in one’s ability to manage arthritis symptoms.

Target Audience:

  • Adults with arthritis.
  • Older adults.
  • Adults living in areas with little or no access to arthritis programs, including adults in rural areas.

Program Includes:

  • Certified Walking Leader
  • Participant guidebook
  • Free mobile app
  • Giveaways, and end-of-session celebration!


  • Members: FREE
  • Non-Members: $45 (includes 6-week YMCA membership)

How to Enroll

Programs run during select dates throughout the year. Fill out an interest form and the program coordinator will contact your shortly regarding next session details!