2024 Spring Fitness Challenge- Wellness Bingo

Published On: April 9, 2024Categories: Events, News

2024 Spring Fitness Challenge- Wellness Bingo

Summer is just around the corner! The Wellness Bingo Challenge is designed to get you moving, fit, and ready for the Summer. 

Challenge Cost: Free (for members)/ $50.00 (for non-members)
Non-members will receive access to the YMCA during the challenge. 

Start Date: May 1, 2024 
End Date: May 31, 2024 (Winners will be drawn and notified on June 3, 2024)

How it Works:

  • Download Bingo cards or visit the front desk to obtain Bingo cards. (Can play more than one card)
  • Complete 5 squares in a row and turn in your card (or show your card to the membership staff) to retrieve a prize.
  • Complete all 25 squares and get a FREE day pass to the Waterpark!
  • All Bingo cards that are turned in will be entered for a chance to win a Season pass to the Thurston Waterpark!
Wellness Bingo Card