Adult Sports

The Y offers many adult sports opportunities including basketball, volleyball, tennis, pickleball, racquetball and more. Whether you are looking for casual play, leagues, or picking up a new hobby with lessons, sports are a great way to get exercise, make friends and have fun!

Exercise and Movement
Boost Confidence
Make Friends


The Rowe Tennis Center and Jon Fried Outdoor Tennis Complex at our Massad branch hosts a variety of adult tennis programs. Enjoy casual play on the outdoor courts, schedule regular court time with a tennis contract, take a cardio tennis class, or learn the game with lessons!

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Pickleball is a racquet sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis and table tennis. Players use wooden paddles and a plastic ball with holes. Pickleball has been gaining popularity in recent years and is becoming an adult sports staple at the Y! 

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Racquetball & Squash

Our Massad and Ron Rosner branches have racquetball courts available for league play and general use. The Massad branch also has a squash court available for play as well. Courts are free to use for YMCA members!  


Did you know that volleyball was invented at a YMCA in 1895? The game is still popular and thriving today at the Massad Family YMCA’s sand volleyball courts! Bump, set and spike your way to fun in our volleyball program. Playing volleyball at the YMCA helps enhance agility and coordination while emphasizes character development and teamwork. Our volleyball programming includes leagues, lessons, tournaments and drop-in play on the sand volleyball courts. Programs include youth and adult options! 

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Whether you’re looking to get back on the court or want to take up a new hobby, adult basketball at the YMCA is a fun way to stay active and enjoy teamwork. We have opportunities for pick-up basketball at all of our locations. Adult basketball leagues are offered on occasion depending on demand.  

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