We offer a huge variety of Group Exercise Classes for all fitness levels. Our skilled and certified instructors provide a welcoming, supportive environment that provides camaraderie and accountability. Group exercise classes are a great way to stay active and motivated! Trying different types of classes as well as various instructors are the perfect ways to find the ones that make you want to get moving and come back for more. Reservations are required for group exercise classes through the RappYFit mobile app. If you have gotten a RappYFit login, contact your branch welcome center for assistance.

Classes Offered

  • Group Cycle
  • Chair Exercise
  • Senior Fitness
  • Adult Ballet
  • Yoga, Pilates & Stretch
  • REFIT, MixxedFit, Zumba, WERQ!
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Cardio, Bootcamp, HIIT
  • TRX
  • MX4 (Rosner Branch)
  • Gravity (King George Branch)
  • Water Exercise
  • Kickboxing

Stay Motivated

Do you get tired of doing the same workout from day to day? With group fitness, variety is the spice of life! Participating regularly in group fitness classes that are fun and engaging can be a great motivator to stay on track with your wellness goals. We have a tone of classes to choose from, so you’ll never get bored!

Get Healthy

Regular exercise can help you manage your weight, gain strength, and reduce your risk of disease. Our classes are accessible to people of all fitness levels and abilities so you can get healthy and stay healthy from whatever point you are starting in your wellness journey.

Be Supported

When you work out in a group class, you’ll have others exercising alongside you and cheering you on! Not only will the supportive atmosphere of a group class help you stay motivated, but you may find yourself building new friendships within the community.

RappYFit Mobile App

Our group fitness and pool schedules can be found on the RappYFit Mobile app, along with challenges, fitness tracking and more.

Download RappYFit

Don’t have a smart phone? Our app is also available through an internet browser by visiting the web portals below:

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