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Group Exercise

Group Exercise Classes

We offer a huge variety of Group Exercise Classes for all fitness levels. Our skilled and certified instructors provide a welcoming, supportive environment that provides camaraderie and accountability. Group exercise classes are a great way to stay active and motivated! Trying different types of classes as well as various instructors are the perfect ways to find the ones that make you want to get moving and come back for more.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

We all need the advice of an expert sometimes, as well as the personal attention that comes with a trainer or coach. Our personal trainers specialize in applying their knowledge to all fitness levels, from youth, athletes, seniors and people that need rehabilitation.  The Y offers personal and small group training to help you set and meet your specific goals in order to live healthier lives.  All sessions are tailored towards your needs and our trainers are ready to advocate and provide the much needed support you need to take your fitness to the next level!

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Community Health

Community Health Programs

We believe that living healthy is about enriching spirit, mind and body, at every age and life stage. Our evidence based and evidence informed Community Health Programs promote wellness, reduce risk for disease and help you reclaim your health. These programs are designed for people with or at risk for chronic diseases, including Parkinson’s, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, stroke, or any condition that can impact function of life.

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Virtual YMCA

Virtual YMCA (YWellness 24/7)

Y Wellness 24/7 is available exclusively to our members, providing an engagement experience with over 150 live classes per week and 100s of YMCA classes on-demand through a special collaboration with 45 additional YMCAs across our country! Y Wellness 24/7 classes are led by over 120 nurturing and motivating YMCA instructors. The platform also includes classes in mindfulness, nutrition, stress management, and more!

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Mindfulness Tip

Quiet down time is just as important for your mental and physical health as exercise and nutrition. Be intentional about allowing yourself time to rest and recharge.

“Before I came here, I just felt discouraged. Since that time, the staff here have helped me, encouraged me, and put me in the right direction. I’ve gotten stronger, I’m moving around better, I’m doing very well.”